Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Bike Helmet

Bicycles have been around since the 1860‘s, but if you would have been on the road during those times, you would have not noticed a single rider wearing a helmet. It is only when riders observed an increase in head injuries that riding clubs have started advocating the use of helmets. They were of course not yet the stylish kinds that you can see today lining up local retailers and mall stores. But as technology drives more like-minded individuals to design and build more acceptable and more functional styles, many riders have gradually embraced the fact that helmets are indeed a necessity when cycling. If you are on the lookout for the best helmet for mountain bike, this post will help you find the best options for your specific purpose. As not every product is made equal, not every helmet that you see on the shelf is the created the same. Hence, you need to distinguish the best from all the rest. You will always need to consider factors, such as those mentioned below to be able to find the best fitting helmet that will keep you protected as you go on the road. Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Bike […] Read More

Hydration 101

Water is an essential part of the human body. About 60 percent of your body is water. The body needs it to function properly. Even the blood contains water (about 80% of your blood is water). However, even with the lightest exercise, the water content in the body can be depleted. You perspire, urinate, and defecate. All these will flush out some of the water in your body. If you are doing a regular exercise and forget to hydrate frequently, you will soon feel exhausted and your performance level will suffer. Whatever you are doing – whether you’re hiking, biking, skiing, running, climbing, or just walking across town, it’s vital that lost body fluids are replaced properly. If you can bring one of the best water bottles for hiking , you wouldn’t have to worry much. But if you still don’t know the basics of hydration, then you have landed on the right page. Here you will learn what you need to do to stay hydrated and some important guidelines to avoid improper hydration. How much do you really need to drink? There are several factors to consider when it comes to proper hydration. These include the following: the intensity […] Read More

Tips in Choosing the Best Underwear for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both wonderful and unpleasant. You do get the perks that come with it — attention and pregnancy glow. Some expecting woman, receive a different kind of attention and certainly NOT the pregnancy glow. One thing that could ease the discomfort is wearing the best underwear for pregnancy and it is easy to see why. While you are expecting, you experience some of the most unusual things that only a mother-to-be gets to experience. Some of these changes are worth celebrating. Many, however, are not something you would rather want someone else (your husband, perhaps?) should be manifesting. The feeling of seeing and having those unsightly changes can be so stressful. This concern just adds to your list of stressors, which, sometimes, make another day wanting you to think only of the day when the baby has finally arrived. One that could ease the discomfort and the negative emotions are making yourself feel beautiful not just inside but on the outside. You can’t do much with your body, however. The bulge is there to stay for the next few months. You can also change the fact that soon your graceful walk will change to a waddle as your body […] Read More

If You Are A Cyclist, How Much Fluid Do You Need?

Exercising, even doing the simplest routines, makes you sweat. If you’re doing it on a hot weather and outside where the terrain can be unpredictable, it can be even more exhausting. Other factors such as age, the intensity of your activity, as well as the period of time that you need to be on the fly, contribute to how much you lose water on the go. Just like when you go biking either to stay fit, go to work, or compete. That gives you more than one reason to find one of the best water bottles for cycling where you can store your favorite beverage and take a sip smartly any time you need to. Even the safest roads can provide different obstacles and challenges that will create pressure to cause even a more experienced cyclist to require hydration. The fact that our body is made up of 60% water makes it crucial that any lost fluid should be replaced immediately to ensure that every part of your system will function properly. What is your average cycling speed? There are different degrees of endurance and speed that any cyclist can manifest while on the bike. If you are a beginner […] Read More

Is It Safe To Get a Facial When You Are Pregnant?

Many expecting mothers who are looking forward to that pregnancy glow may have been disappointed at one time or another. Some might have already realized (after their first or second pregnancy), that not every pregnant mom will be fortunate enough to have that radiant shine as their belly begin to grow. However disappointing it may seem, the reality is pregnancy-related symptoms may not be the same for all. Some will have the most beautiful skin, hair, and nails during their pregnancy. Others will just have to bear with the unpleasant effects of the wild hormones that trigger the appearance of dark pigmentations on the skin, acne, pimples, and other skin imperfections. For those who want an easy and quick remedy would consider having a facial instead of looking for the best face wash for pregnancy. In the hope that they can easily clear up any imperfections like the dark circles on their eyes that seem to double up each time, they will look for an easier method to tone done these unpleasant pregnancy features. Benefits of getting a facial during pregnancy Any woman would like to look her best during this most important period of her life. As such, she […] Read More

Proper Way To Wear A Maternity Belt

Your body continues to adjust to the growing baby inside your belly while you are pregnant. This is most especially true with the ligaments that surround and support your womb or the uterus. One of these ligaments is called the round ligament. It connects the front part of the womb to the groin. This is the area where your legs append to the pelvis. This ligament usually constricts and expands or relaxes slowly. The round ligament stretches to accommodate the growing baby in your womb. This may cause the ligament to be strained, especially when the baby makes sudden movements in your belly. The round ligament may quickly tighten causing a painful jabbing feeling. This is one of the common complaints that pregnant women have during pregnancy, more specifically from the third trimester, onwards. Ease Round Ligament Pain With A Maternity Belt Having round ligament pain not only can be physically painful. It can also drag you down and make your day a bit difficult to go through at times. There are several ways to ease ligament pain. One of these is wearing a maternity belt or a belly band. Wearing a good quality maternity belt can help support your […] Read More

Grownups Are So Confusing: 10 Ways We Mislead Our Children

Childhood is confusing. If we rational, mature grownups are stumped by parenting choices and styles, just imagine how confused kids feel. They are constantly stuck in between the sharp ends of non-sequiturs and conflicting messages; messages that they are just supposed to take at face value, even when face value makes no sense. Here are just a few examples of how we confuse our children by our well-meaning rules and lessons. “Stop being creative and start doing your work,” said a parent volunteer at school. Hmmm… isn’t creativity often the most productive and valuable part of “work?” Isn’t it at the heart of all the problem solving we expect our kids to do on their road independence? “You are fat,” said my son honestly to a man we met. Nothing wrong with telling the truth, right? Yes, there is. Always tell the truth, but A. don’t tell a fat person they are fat, and B. we will continue to lie to you on most holidays, until you realize that we have lied to you all your life about jolly old men and bunnies who lay eggs. “You need to clean your room and do your homework before dinner. Oh, now I guess you also […] Read More

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad, I’ve never lived in this world without a dad before. I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet and I’m not sure I want to. All I want to do is call you to talk, but I don’t think they bother with phones or even language where you are. We’ve talked almost every day for the past couple years and the only way I can hear your voice now is to call your phone number to listen to the outgoing message. Yes, I’ve done that. I cannot find you’re your voice anywhere else. And oh, what a voice it was. “An authoritatively resounding baritone voice” is how your friend labeled it in your obituary (he did a really nice job – you would have liked it). It was indeed that. But to me it was just my father’s voice. The same voice that told me to hug my teddy bear tighter when I was sad and missed you. The same voice that told me “well, Dear, it looks like you’ve made something that resembles a mistake” when I got my son a cat because I wanted one, even though he is terribly allergic. The same voice that could […] Read More

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, But Facebook Can Kill Me

Shy, dorky, pre-teen me was somehow able to befriend the most popular girl in our seventh-grade class. Fantastic! A new friend and a rocket launcher to popularity, right? No, not so much. In reality, my new BFF was a cunning sociopath who schooled me in the ways of deceit, manipulation, tweaked emotional control over another and just plain ol’ meanness. In a thank-god-I-never-have-to-do-that-again way, I remember this time of my life with disbelief, not only because of the terrible things my friend did to me, but also because of the ways I turned on her. I did things that are really not part of my DNA. I don’t have spite in my bones, but I was spiteful. Middle school is a confusing time for kids. Maturing so quickly, kids have little understanding of what is going on and very few tools to deal with the gaps between problems, emotions, desires and reality. So much of the angst from being woefully ill-equipped to take part in the more grown-up world kids spy ahead turns into things like bullying, manipulation, exclusion and depression. Luckily, mean girls in my middle school era were only equipped with land lines, analog writing devices and face-to-face bitchiness. […] Read More

The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are the last to go.

Santa Clause is definitely under suspicion, but the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are hangin’ tough. Last year I saved the Easter Bunny by pointing to a regular bunny hopping across the yard after an Easter egg hunt and proclaiming “there he is!!” This year, the Tooth Fairy came into question, but I saved her, too. Here is a letter my son received from the Tooth Fairy after he left her a note asking if she was real and would she please tell him because he really wanted to know. Oh, how I will miss them when they depart his world. Dear Boy With The Missing Tooth, Kids always ask if I am real, but I never ask them if they are real. I know it is curious that I only come under cover of dark, but this is just because I am afraid of the sunlight. I also travel at night because then no one wants to capture me and put me in a cage. I like to be free. I also really like teeth. You may wonder why I collect them. If you saw my house you would know exactly why. I live in a big beautiful castle made out […] Read More