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How Does Temperatures Affect Your Turtle?

Common errors in turtle habitat temperature control 1: Leaving your turtle to enjoy air-conditioning Mostly unintentional, but this is a problem that seriously affects the turtle. It is easy to get sudden temperature changes when you have your turtle in an air-conditioned room and then turn off the air conditioner when you leave the room.… Read More »

How to Clean a Gerbil Cage?

It is difficult to imagine a cage for a single gerbil. Indeed, gregarious rodent, your gerbil will need a congener to flourish fully. So, consider investing in a cage large and spacious enough for at least 2 gerbils. You can choose the best cages for gerbils. What cage? Its dimensions A surface area of 1800… Read More »

How to House a Hedgehog?

Many people wish to take care of their beloved hedgehog pet with the utmost care. They focus on the best foods and cages for their pet with an aim to make their pet healthy and comfortable indoor. They search for the latest and the best hedgehog cage collection with an aim to choose and purchase… Read More »

Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Bike Helmet

Bicycles have been around since the 1860‘s, but if you would have been on the road during those times, you would have not noticed a single rider wearing a helmet. It is only when riders observed an increase in head injuries that riding clubs have started advocating the use of helmets. They were of course… Read More »

Hydration 101

Water is an essential part of the human body. About 60 percent of your body is water. The body needs it to function properly. Even the blood contains water (about 80% of your blood is water). However, even with the lightest exercise, the water content in the body can be depleted. You perspire, urinate, and… Read More »

Tips in Choosing the Best Underwear for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both wonderful and unpleasant. You do get the perks that come with it — attention and pregnancy glow. Some expecting woman, receive a different kind of attention and certainly NOT the pregnancy glow. One thing that could ease the discomfort is wearing the best underwear for pregnancy and it is easy to see… Read More »

If You Are A Cyclist, How Much Fluid Do You Need?

Exercising, even doing the simplest routines, makes you sweat. If you’re doing it on a hot weather and outside where the terrain can be unpredictable, it can be even more exhausting. Other factors such as age, the intensity of your activity, as well as the period of time that you need to be on the… Read More »

Is It Safe To Get a Facial When You Are Pregnant?

Many expecting mothers who are looking forward to that pregnancy glow may have been disappointed at one time or another. Some might have already realized (after their first or second pregnancy), that not every pregnant mom will be fortunate enough to have that radiant shine as their belly begin to grow. However disappointing it may… Read More »

Proper Way To Wear A Maternity Belt

Your body continues to adjust to the growing baby inside your belly while you are pregnant. This is most especially true with the ligaments that surround and support your womb or the uterus. One of these ligaments is called the round ligament. It connects the front part of the womb to the groin. This is… Read More »

Grownups Are So Confusing: 10 Ways We Mislead Our Children

Childhood is confusing. If we rational, mature grownups are stumped by parenting choices and styles, just imagine how confused kids feel. They are constantly stuck in between the sharp ends of non-sequiturs and conflicting messages; messages that they are just supposed to take at face value, even when face value makes no sense. Here are… Read More »