The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are the last to go.

By | May 15, 2014

Santa Clause is definitely under suspicion, but the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are hangin’ tough.

Last year I saved the Easter Bunny by pointing to a regular bunny hopping across the yard after an Easter egg hunt and proclaiming “there he is!!” This year, the Tooth Fairy came into question, but I saved her, too.

Here is a letter my son received from the Tooth Fairy after he left her a note asking if she was real and would she please tell him because he really wanted to know.

Oh, how I will miss them when they depart his world.

Dear Boy With The Missing Tooth,

Kids always ask if I am real, but I never ask them if they are real. I know it is curious that I only come under cover of dark, but this is just because I am afraid of the sunlight. I also travel at night because then no one wants to capture me and put me in a cage. I like to be free. I also really like teeth. You may wonder why I collect them. If you saw my house you would know exactly why. I live in a big beautiful castle made out of cute little baby teeth from children like you all over the world. Without these teeth I could not have a house, so thank you for all the teeth you have given me. I built a window frame out of the eight teeth you lost. I mean seven, but now with this one I will have all the eight I need to finish the frame. It is for my favorite window. It looks out on to my garden of money trees. They grow like weeds in my world, but I hear that people in your world use money every day. That is so funny to me. I rake up the leaves from my money trees and give the dollars to kids like you. Children’s baby teeth are the most precious thing in my world, so thank you again for being so generous with them. I will think of you every time I look out of my favorite window. The trees are especially beautiful in the springtime.

Please do me a favor and brush your teeth VERY well twice a day and stay away from candy. This way your baby teeth will be in good condition when I get them.

Take care of yourself.


The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy also gave me a gift that morning: the look on my son’s face when he read her letter. It was as if he alone had discovered the missing clue to one of life’s mysteries and held the knowledge to share if he wished.

Maybe I can write a letter to my son and leave it under my pillow. Please, little boy with the missing tooth, don’t ever grow up. And if you do, please keep your sense of imagination, wonder and awe. It is the most beautiful thing I know.